NEW BA PROGRAMME starting in autumn 2018!

Would you like to gain an insight into the role of language and communication in contemporary societies?

Are you aware that multilingual societies are the norm all over the world?

Multilingual societies are the norm, also in Europe.

Most jobs today require the ability to engage in interactions with a foreign business partner, a colleague abroad, a customer from another country. All these cases require multilingual and multicultural competence.

This is why a new perspective is necessary and this double-major BA programme is aimed at providing students with the tools for mastering additional foreign languages, for engaging as professional actors in a multilingual society, for facing new challenges.

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Zadar has prepared a new BA programme Language and communication in a multilingual society that has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Education (Ministarstvo znanosti i obrazovanja).

The new programme is starting in autumn 2018! You can find information on the enrolment procedure on the webpage Postani student under the Croatian title of the programme: Jezik i komunikacija u višejezičnom društvu.

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